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The New Anthrax: Is it a Risk to Pets?

A potential new disease has been discovered in Africa, and is currently being blamed for the death of not only some chimps and a few gorillas, but also some goats and even elephants. The culprit that has been discovered is a cousin to none other...

Purina Beneful Dog Food Reformulated

The Nestle Purina PetCare Co., based out of St. Louis, Missouri, has chosen to change the formula of their popular Beneful dog food brand. The company recently received negative publicity regarding the class-action lawsuits concerning a...

Pets at Work on the Rise

We all know how wonderful our pets are. There is nothing like that welcoming wag, purr, chirp or oink  as we walk through the door at the end of a long day. Somehow, it just makes your day better. And how much better would you feel if that pet...

Low Blood Sugar Alert Dogs

People with diabetes may have another option for monitoring whether their blood sugar level is dangerously low. According to a recent news post on NPR.org, diabetes alert dogs are helping people by alerting them when their blood sugar is dropping...

Proposed New Jersey Legislature Could Bring Prison Time for Declawing Cats

New Jersey assemblyman Troy Singleton sponsored legislation this past week that would make declawing cats a criminal offense and subject the performing veterinarian to an animal cruelty charge. Even the individuals who seek out a veterinarian to...

Blue Buffalo Recalls Dog Food Over Mold Concerns

Blue Buffalo company is voluntarily recalling one batch of one of their dog food formulations. This recall has been issued over concerns about excess moisture in one batch, produced in one 2-hour long period, leading to possible mold growth and...

Pet Valu Come Clean for Cancer Dog Wash Weekend

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and to help the Animal Cancer Foundation, Pet Valu is sponsoring a Come Clean for Cancer fundraiser. Pet Valu is a specialty pet product retailer that has stores, many of which include self-serve dog-wash...