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Keeping Pets Safe from Wildlife

Recently in Florida, a dog was attacked by an alligator while walking with it's owners near a canal. Gladys and Andrew Gonzales were walking their family dog Hazel near the canal when an alligator pulled Hazel in the water. Luckily, Mr. Gonzales was able to pull Hazel out of the water by her harness. Hazel survived but it serves as a harsh reminder, the dangers wildlife can present to our beloved pets.

Alligator attacks are not the only run-in pets have had with wildlife. 2 years ago in Nashville, TN, a red tailed hawk attacked a small dog while in the backyard, causing fatal injuries. Wildlife activist however indicated this to be a rare event although the behavior is in a hawk's nature.

With the recent discoveries of alligators in canals and swamps in close proximity to populated areas, it has become imperative that extra caution be taken with pets, and even humans, around these areas. Always keep dog's on a leash and steer clear of water banks. It is best to keep cats indoors if you live near bodies of water such as swamps and canals even if there have been no prior reports of alligators.

While it may be more difficult to prevent attacks from large birds such as red tailed hawks, keeping a close eye on small dogs and cats while outside can help. Dogs should be kept on leashes, and cats should, preferably, stay indoors. It is good to know however, that these occurrences are far and few. To learn more about this situation, please see the original story.

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