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You have pets, we have answers!

"My dog ate chocolate, I don't know what to do, but i know its toxic!"


Pick up the phone and call as soon as you are worried, and we can help instantly! Our vets are standing by 24/7, live, to take your call.
"My cat won't use her litter box anymore, I'm sick of cleaning up urine!"


whiskerDocs has your back, just write us an email and our team will send over a detailed response, sometimes with pictures, video, or articles to help you figure out how to get things back to status quo.
"I'm bringing a new puppy into the home, and we already have a cat, what can I do to train them to get along?"


Feel free to start a live chat and we can map out a way to introduce Rover to Fluffy with relative ease! And when Fluffy decides she likes Rover's milk bones, we will still be around to help you figure that one out too!