Family Dollar and whiskerDocs Team Up to Help Pets

whiskerDocs announces that Family Dollar now offers 24 hour a day guidance for pet parents across the U.S. via phone, chat and email on the website.

whiskerDocs, the nation’s leading provider of 24/7 veterinary telehealth...

Bad Dog? Maybe It's Metabolic!

A pilot study of the blood count of hyperactive and impulsive dogs conducted by Professor Hannes Lohi and research group from the University of Helsinki and the Folkhälsan Research Centre, together with the LC-MS Metabolomics Centre of Biocentre...

SARDS - Sudden Irreversible Blindness in Dogs

Ever heard of SARDS? If you haven't, you're not alone. Sudden Acquired Retinal Degenerative Syndrome is not completely understood even by veterinarians, but what is know is that it causes complete and irreversible blindness in dogs. It occurs...