Mistaken Identity: A Wolf-Dog Puppy Story

We have all heard stories about skunks, rats and other wild animals being mistaken for domestic pets until taken in the vet where their true identity was revealed. Who knows how many of these were just tall tales or urban legends, but for one young boy and his family, their story is very real. What they thought was a stray puppy became the case of the wolf in dog disguise.


After unsuccessfully trying to train and socialize their new puppy, an Arizona family turned to a local humane organization for help. It was there that they discovered that their puppy was a wolf-hybrid . Unfortunately the wild instincts of hybrids makes them unsuitable for family environments.

While not the rescue this young boy intended, what happened next did save her life.  The wolf-dog, named Neo, now lives peacefully among other wolf-dog crosses at a rescue in California, where she can form a pack like a wolf and be appropriately socialized. Although she will never be able to be released to the wild due to her partial domestication, she can live a long, happy life here.

To learn more about Neo's story, please visit the Little Things website.



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