Pet Trusts: Estate Planning for Your Pets After You're Gone

As of earlier this year, all 50 states have passed legislature allowing pet trusts. Pet trusts, also referred to as pet estate trusts, can be used to detail how your beloved furry family member will be taken care of. If you are considering a pet trust, it is important to consult an attorney familiar with trusts. It is also helpful to think in detail so that everything is thought of for your pet.

Some specific topics you may want to detail out in the trust include things like frequency of veterinary care, specific food/diets, and who it is that you are going to designate as a care giver for your pet. It may be helpful to think of your pet's regular routine daily, but also within a typical year. While you may consider regular veterinary visits for wellness, you may also want to consider any preexisting conditions your pet has, and what your wishes for your pet would be should something serous happen to them.

To learn more, the following sources can provide more information about setting up pet trusts:

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