Shelter Suffers Losses after Unvaccinated Dog Rescued

These days many pet owners question the need to vaccinate their companions after reading posts on online warning of over vaccinating and health conditions blamed on vaccines . While well intentioned, the sad truth is that unprotected animals are at very high risk for fatal viruses. Distemper and parvovirus are two very common canine viruses, both of which are preventable yet have no cure, only supportive treatment.

Currently a rescue group in St. Louis is struggling to keep theirĀ  residentsĀ  safe after an outbreak of distemper, brought in by an unvaccinated dog, has claimed the lives of several puppies and dogs. You can read the full article here. This article is an example of the importance of preventative medicine for our 4 legged companions. By working with your veterinarian, you can tailor a plan to keep your pet safe and healthy.

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