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This was so tremendously helpful! I was able to get some really helpful advice about what to bring with me to the appointment that will help me make the most of a very expensive neuro consult. The vet was super helpful and knowledgeable and gave me really good tips about what would help the doctor make his diagnosis.

While the vet was not able to tell me what was wrong with my pet being able to speak with her was very informative.

Ally A.,  Tennessee

Thank you so much Beth for the information. It helped me make an informed decision

Kelly D.,  Tennessee

Phenomenal interaction with dr. dawn- highly recommend.

Lisa R.,  Tennessee

The lady (Nicole) that I spoke to was exceptional. She explained everything to me in great detail and spent a great deal of time and patience.

Claudette M.,  California

As usual, Dr. Aimee gave me the best information and care for my dog, Bobo.

Raina V.,  Florida

Having a much beloved and special needs dog who had a (sudden) malignant growth removed we consulted with both our trusted regular Vet and an Oncologist Vet. In the end, we became somewhat confused on how to proceed with her care and, how to accommodate her special needs (she was severely traumatized and doesn't handle anything unfamiliar well at all). My conversation with Dr. Sandy and the material that she subsequently sent to me was exactly and fully what we needed to complete a plan on how to proceed. This service is absolutely amazing and valuable beyond measure. We even received a call the day after we received the emailed information to inquire if the information helped us and inquiring if we needed anything further. I can't overstate the value and comfort provided by this benefit.

Sharon S.,  North Carolina

I really appreciate this service. Especially on weekends when the vet clinics are close and there is no recourse. It sure is a comfort to know that there is a professional you can call to for help even if it is just through the phone line. Thank you for being there!

Sandra P.,  California

Having the chance to talk with a vet helped me make a more informed decision about what action to take with my pet's healthcare.

Amber A.,  Colorado

Appreciated the Vet's sincerity and concern and their recommendation to help address the problem.

Dawn M.,  California