If I tried to call the poison hotline for pets, it would have cost me $49. This service gave me quick answers and reassurance.

Kim G.,  Ohio

Thank you for being there!!!

Michelle D.,  Ohio

Very helpful and professional. Felt very confident with the answers I received.

Joyce F.,  Kentucky

The doctor was very smart and very patient with me and did everything she can to help me

Alexander M.,  Tennessee

This was so tremendously helpful! I was able to get some really helpful advice about what to bring with me to the appointment that will help me make the most of a very expensive neuro consult. The vet was super helpful and knowledgeable and gave me really good tips about what would help the doctor make his diagnosis.

While the vet was not able to tell me what was wrong with my pet being able to speak with her was very informative.

Ally A.,  Tennessee

Thank you so much Beth for the information. It helped me make an informed decision

Kelly D.,  Tennessee

Phenomenal interaction with dr. dawn- highly recommend.

Lisa R.,  Tennessee

Dr. Dawn was very personable and eased my mind...

Tracey B.,  Alabama

Dr. Tracy was very helpful appreciate the service and I'm glad for that service.

Chris P.,  Florida

I talked with Christina and was is fabulous. Set my mind at ease and called to follow up about my dog's health!!!!

Virginia A.,  Florida