The online vet asked good questions and was sympathetic. Also, it is great to be able to attach a file -- I sent a picture of my cat and her troubled eye.

Sara T.,  California

I really appreciated the help I got from Dr Anna. I would have rushed Luna to the hospital again if it were not for this service.

Sandra P.,  California

I really appreciated the follow up call afterward. I took her to the vet as recommended and thankfully she seems to be on th e mend.

Anneke B.,  California

It was so nice to be able to chat with someone about my issue without going straight to the vet. In this case, I was able to resolve my issue without panicking and without having to make an unnecessary trip to the vet!

Sali K.,  California

Very helpful

Regina M.,  Nevada

I was very helpful in a stressful time.

Sandra T.,  Nevada

It is nice to talk to a Professional that doesnt have an interest in making money so u get a Real objective opinión to help u and your dog. Thanks.

Victoria L.,  New Mexico

Thank you for adding this service. This is an extra step in giving pet owners peace of mind when something happens with their pet. It provided me reassurance and let me know that my pet would be okay.

Tamara G.,  New Mexico

Sharon was very helpful pleasant And patient. What a great perk to be able to call and speak to or online chat with someone off hours and weekend. Thank you so much for that

Dotty C.,  Arizona

You guys are AWESOME!

Anneleisa R.,  Wyoming