Vet was amazing. Made me feel a lot better

Michael O.,  Oregon

Barbara was very informative and made me feel better about what to do with my puppy.

Michele T.,  California

Thank you for the service. I was glad to find out about it and very happy to use it.

Claudia N.,  California

I'm very pleased with the knowledge shared in the email exchange and during the phone follow-up.

Jean R.,  California

Please continue to offer this service!
Thank you

Mary W.,  California

I really, really appreciate this service. It seems "issues" arise on weekends and evenings and it is wonderful
to have a professional opinion available.
Thank you

Mary W.,  California

Definitely, I think it is a great service.

Nora C.,  California

Dr. Aimee was very helpful and great to help us. Nothing but good things to say.

Daniel M.,  California

I love this service thank you for providing it.

Annmarie S.,  California

i think it's a great starting point in order to get some basic concerns answered.

Sabrina L.,  California