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Gave me piece of mind about my dogs condition.

Allen S.,  Florida

Dr. Aimee and the other veterinary professionals who have answered my questions about Bobo have given him a more thorough "exam" and written report than I have ever had in a veterinarian visit...Thank you so very much - I can't say enough about the care and caring we have received.

Raina V.,  Florida

I love love love the service. It is extremely convenient and it saves me from excessive googling, which can send a worried mother's imagination soaring. It's now my go-to feature whenever my furbaby becomes injured or ill.

Erin W.,  Georgia

My thanks and appreciation to Dr. Anna for her consultation last night.

Joy K.,  Georgia

Dr.Chelsea was very detailed and did not push me off. She asked specific questions before she gave me several options..very helpful and eased my mind...great service

Marina B.,  Georgia

very helpful information and saved trip to vet. liked the convenience of being able to triage condition and get info on treatment

Jennifer J.,  Maryland

I just signed up yesterday and I am already receiving EXCELLENT service. Thank you so much!

Michael R.,  Virginia

It was very informative to receive information on what to do with Paris.

Ashley M.,  Pennsylvania

My husband and I spoke to Dr. Tracey about our dog's health issues. She was helpful in suggesting possible tests to help in the diagnosis of her problems and seemed very informed on what could be causing her symptoms. We appreciate this service and are so glad you are offering it. Thank you.

Marlene W.,  Pennsylvania

It is so wonderful to be able to do the online chat with someone, not have to wait to find a way to get to the vet and also have the vet bill (and the claim!) but just have a quick conversation and resolve the issue. I am so glad this service is available!

Eugenia E.,  New York