Yes i got good advise that i can use.

Virginia P.,  Illinois

The vet I talked to was awesome. Even though I know it is difficult to diagnois via online, she put my fears at rest until my vet appointment on Thursday...I work in Customer Service and I was impressed with the doctor I spoke with. I intend to recommend this to a friend at work who has pets.

Destiny W.,  Illinois

This is a great resource

Megan R.,  Illinois

Great help!

David O.,  Minnesota

Beth was very understanding of my situation and waited until I had explained the entire situation. I saw the transcript of our chat in my email this am. That is an EXCELLENT idea as when you are stressed you tend to not hear everything or forget some of what was talked about.

Jackie J.,  Wisconsin

The response to my inquiry was prompt and I received a follow up call two days later. Very satisfied! Thank you!

Kim S.,  Michigan

This is one of the best things you could have offered. I can't tell you how many times I wish I could get a hold of a vet right away to get a question answered. Now I can!!

Melina A.,  Michigan

I have been so impressed with your service! Thank you so much!

Jerff K.,  Indiana

I love this service! Especially after hours and on weekends when our regular vet clinic is closed.

Stacy O.,  Indiana

I am very relieved that I had someone I could talk to and give me some feedback godbless

Rick K.,  Ohio