Thank you ALL for being there to help when us new parents don't know what to do with our four legged fur babies!!!

Anneleisa R.,  Wyoming

This benefit is so valuable. Especially after hours when you cannot reach your regular vet.

Lauren I.,  Colorado

It was helpful to discuss my concerns about my dog and vet without needing to go to another practice for a 2nd opinion. Thanks again!

Sean B.,  Colorado

Thank you for caring :)

JoAnn R.,  Texas

Love the chat online option, so convenient!

Karen B.,  Texas

Advice provided by Dr Aimee was completely validated by my own veterinarian and gives me confidence in the service for future enquiries. Thank you!

David M.,  Texas

I am so so so so thankful for WhiskerDocs online service .... I was given great information and was able to treat my pet as recommended. He is still healing and is on a 7 day antibiotic treatment to clear any stomach infection. He has a follow up visit w/his doctor on Monday and I will monitor him thru the weekend and give him medication as prescribed.

Stephanie C.,  Texas

Our vet is closed on Wed, Sat, and Sun. Having someone there to talk with when our vet is not available is wonderful.

Carolyn M.,  Kansas

Was very pleased with the help I received. Thank you for providing this wonderful service!

Carolyn M.,  Kansas

Great service!

Scott B.,  Illinois