Sincerely appreciated the quick response. I was beside myself in fear when I saw her covered in those ants!

Dana D.,  Texas

helpful information, thanks

Kathy M.,  Kansas

The feedback we received was helpful in reassuring us that our situation was not urgent.

James R.,  Missouri

Your suggestions were great and I love having this personalized service available. Thank you.

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You provide a valuable service and it is gratifying to know of your professional pet support. Thank you.

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Quick response and good information. Will definitely use this service again.

Derhonda C.,  Georgia

I am very appreciative of the medical professionals that have been so attentive and interested in my dog's health and progress. Their help has been instrumental in taking care of her.

Amy D.,  Washington

I really appreciate how responsive your vets are. Often the clinical experience feels rushed and doesn't feel emotionally supportive. Each time I've used your chat service, I've felt that the doctors were knowledgeable, kind, and had a good 'bedside manner.' When your pet is going through a life threatening condition, having the after hours accessibility to vets is invaluable. Thank you for helping me care for my pet and for letting me be human.

Amy D.,  Washington

The live chat is amazing! I love it!

Kristen E.,  Washington

Great advice and help! I can always use a second opinion!!

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