Firefighters Rescue Dog Stuck in Tree

You read that title correctly. Police and firefighters in Port Orange, Florida fought to save a dog stuck in a tree last Friday. Not a cat; a dog!

When a dog owner was walking by with their own pet, they heard the stranded pup whimpering and saw...

Make My Easter Bunny Chocolate, Please!

One of our whiskerDocs team members has quite the little pet menagerie at home, including 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a house rabbit. The rabbit, however, inspired this post, because even though we focus on dogs and cats here, we have a love of all...

Dog Park Etiquette Tips

Do you ever consider bringing your dog to the local off-leash park? Your pup needs activity, and parks are a great way for them to get it! High fences, other dogs, and lots of space to run freely make it a great option for people who live in...

Snow and Your Pup

Some dogs love the snow, while others hate it. Jax and Rusko tolerate it to a degree, but the second it gets "too deep", they want nothing to do with it! And, who knows what the magic level is... sometimes it varies based on the day! There are...

Giving the Gift of a Pet

The holiday season brings gift giving, and many people consider the possibility of giving a pet as a gift. After all, a pet is a wonderful addition to any family, bringing fun, laughter, and lots of joy all year round. But pets also bring a lot...

Music for Cats

Classical music composer and National Symphony Orchestra cellist David Teie has recently released music designed specifically for a feline's listening pleasure! Teie has been working on the development of music that could appeal to a particular...