Dog's Microchip Saves Toddler

We continually advocate for the use of microchips in every pet.  A chilling, but heartwarming story out of Missouri last week illustrates an out-of-the-box reason why we feel the way we do.  
A two-year-old little girl was rescued by police officers as she was toddling down a busy road in Missouri.  What does this have to do with microchips?  Neighborhood residents had gone door to door trying to locate the little girl’s family, but with no success.  Suddenly, one of the police officers had an idea.  The toddler had been found with a Cockapoo by her side.  The officer’s idea was to scan the little dog to see if there was possibly a microchip implanted.  With the help of Animal Control, the Cockapoo was scanned, a microchip detected, and the little girl reunited with her family.
An incident that could have ended tragically had a happy ending thanks to microchip technology.  The same is true of thousands of animals that go missing.  So many others without microchips, unfortunately, are not so lucky. 
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