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Stop The Puppy Chewing Nightmare

Puppy chewing is one of the worst obstacles to overcome as a dog parent. I remember the day like it was yesterday... bringing Rusko home. He was so small, so cute, so sweet, and... he was a nightmare at the same time! And, of course, Jax was no different! It's a common scenario. You have a new puppy and have found that this cute bundle of joy is chewing on everything, including your hands, face, and other body parts it can reach!


Pet Safety Tips for in Your Home

With two young, small dogs, I have my hands full much of the time, and pet safety is always a concern. All good pet parents (like myself, of course!) know that pets like dogs and cats need adequate exercise, nutrition, medical care, and many other "basic needs" to be met. But have you ever thought as a pet owner about the things you can do to ensure the safety of your pet? We all know that our pets' instincts can drive them to do some silly or even scary things, especially outdoors, but what about inside your house?


Lessons Learned from Leashes

Have you used the retractable leashes? You know, the ones that allow your dog to run in front of your for about 12-16 feet? The concept is great, but on my daily walks with Jax and Rusko, I've learned that there really should be lessons on how to use these!


Pollens, Grasses, and Molds Make Pets Sneeze, Too

I was taking my dogs for a walk the other day. It was a beautiful spring day with the sun shining, birds chirping, and flowers in bloom. And then it started... that overwhelming need to sneeze! Rusko has been sneezing all week, and now, me too. Seasonal allergies are difficult for many people, but you may not know that it can be difficult for your dogs too!


Make My Easter Bunny Chocolate, Please!

One of our whiskerDocs team members has quite the little pet menagerie at home, including 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a house rabbit. The rabbit, however, inspired this post, because even though we focus on dogs and cats here, we have a love of all animals.


Dog Park Etiquette Tips

Do you ever consider bringing your dog to the local off-leash park? Your pup needs activity, and parks are a great way for them to get it! High fences, other dogs, and lots of space to run freely make it a great option for people who live in apartments or homes without large yards to exercise their dogs in. But it's not all fun and games. There are things that are dog-park appropriate and others that are not, and I'm not just talking about the posted rules.


Snow and Your Pup

Some dogs love the snow, while others hate it. Jax and Rusko tolerate it to a degree, but the second it gets "too deep", they want nothing to do with it! And, who knows what the magic level is... sometimes it varies based on the day! There are some days where they won't even consider going outside while it's snowing and there's just a dusting on the sidewalks, while other days they'll be willing to run around in a few inches of snow!


Giving the Gift of a Pet

The holiday season brings gift giving, and many people consider the possibility of giving a pet as a gift. After all, a pet is a wonderful addition to any family, bringing fun, laughter, and lots of joy all year round. But pets also bring a lot of responsibility, and the recipient may not be ready to take that on, no matter how cute the animal is.