Dog Dootie is Your Duty

by Trevor Page


Nothing bothers me more when I take Rusko and Jax to the park or on a walk than finding that people haven't been cleaning up after their dogs. Not only does it pose a hazard to our waterways and wildlife, but it also exposes other pets to parasites and other illnesses. So what's the proper etiquette? How can you make sure you're always cleaning up after your dog? It's actually quite simple!


  1. Grab a bag or scooping mechanism with you BEFORE you leave the house with your dog. If you're prone to forgetting, always take your dog to a public park where there are bags available at Clean Up stations. 
  2. Pick up the poop as soon as the act has completely finished.
  3. If you have a bag, put your hand inside the bag and pick up the poo with your bagged hand, turn the bag over the poo, remove your hand and tie the bag in a knot.
  4. If you have a scooping mechanism, simply place the tray part on the ground next to the poo. Take the rake part and push the poo onto the tray and dump into bag or trash can. Or, if you have a "claw", simply put the claw down over the poop and twist as you're lifting it off the ground.
  5. Some dogs will want to relieve themselves a few times during a walk (especially if you are on an extended walk). These steps need to be repeated EACH time your dog goes, so bring extra bags.
  6. If your dog has a runny stool and you cannot pick it up, carry a water bottle with you so you may cleanse the area liberally with water.

These steps are extremely important to remember EVERY time you take your dog out in public. It is a good idea to pick up around your own yard too, just in case you'd like to gather the family together for a game of football. There are children and many other people that may play or inadvertenly fall down in the area where your dog decides to move his bowels. Besides, leaving it there can easily destroy your lawn over time!