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Canine Family Feud - Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for everyone. Bringing family and friends (both human and furry) together over a wonderful meal is what the holiday is all about. Just like us, in all the commotion, sometimes our pets can have disagreements with other furry family members. One family found that out the hard way.


Night of the Attack Cats

Dressing up for Halloween can often be the most fun and exhilarating part of the holiday, and our pets are not immune to our desires to play dress up (or at very least, they tolerate us making them)! For one sweet Golden Retriever named Penny, her Halloween costume was about matching her personality. She lives with 3 of her own feline friends and loves to mimic them by laying in the sun, laying on the back of the couch, and sleeping 18 hours a day.


When Pet Costumes Go Wrong

Halloween costumes can be so much fun, especially when you have a small dog you lovingly refer to as your "pumpkin." Why not take the chance to dress your little pumpkin up as a pumpkin this year?!


(Don't) Give a Dog a Bone!

Picture it: A happy looking dog, mouth open, drooling and panting with a fat juicy T-bone steak being served to him on a plate. We have all seen this depiction in cartoons and media platforms for as long as we can remember. We have also been informed that meat is the preferred diet for our lupine-esque pals. Unfortunately, there are many dangers in giving dogs raw meat, especially when that meat still contains the bones. For our friend Phoebe and her owner Michael, that lesson was hard learned.


Grill Master Thor

Grilling out. Warm weather, bright sun, freshly mown grass, family gathered around. The "man of the house" is proudly donning his favorite apron, sandal/sock combo, and the self-proclaimed title "grill master". I don’t know about you, but I can smell it now. We aren't the only ones. Our pets are just as vulnerable to those enticing aromas, as one family found out.


Dog-Friendly Beaches Might Not Be So Friendly

Warmer weather is here! The perfect time for a vacation to the beach, enjoying the sand in your toes and refreshing ocean breezes. And what could be better than finding a dog-friendly beach to bring your precious pup along for the trip? It sounds wonderful, in theory, but there are some risks, as one whiskerDocs customer discovered recently.