Canine Family Feud - Thanksgiving Edition

by Veterinary Experts

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for everyone. Bringing family and friends (both human and furry) together over a wonderful meal is what the holiday is all about. Just like us, in all the commotion, sometimes our pets can have disagreements with other furry family members. One family found that out the hard way.

A sweet pup named Lanee was all too happy to greet her canine cousin when she showed up on Thanksgiving day. Throughout the day, wonderful smells filled the house and both dogs were sure they would get a special treat. With all the noise, confusion, crowding, and general stress of the festivities, the dogs were becoming over stimulated and a bit overwhelmed.

Imagine being stuck in the kitchen with that in-law you were trying to avoid, all because you just needed to grab that irresistable slice of pie. Well, Lanee was forced to share the turkey from her mom in the kitchen. It was just too much to ask, and unfortunately the two dogs got into a scuffle.

Lanee walked away with a few bleeding wounds. It seemed her bites and scratches were shallow enough not to require a vet visit, but with a little guidance from whiskerDocs, her mom got her all patched up. Once her wounds were nice and clean, she was able to rest comfortably, tucked safely away from her turkey-loving canine cousin. She even got that special treat after all: a warm pile of green beans and sweet potatoes, all for her.

While Lanee and her cousin are generally great at sharing space, the combination of extra people, smells, and general activity added a higher level of tension. As this family learned, bring dogs together with the rest of the humans and you may just find them biting off more than they can chew!