Is your dog vomiting?  It could be a sign of a serious problem.

Our pets get cuts and scrapes just like we do. You can treat the minor ones at home. However, be cautious when examining an injury on your pet. Any pet can bite when he’s in pain. If you are the closest thing to him, you are the one that will be bit...

Many things can cause itchy dogs and cats. Discovering the cause of the dog or cat scratching can help you treat it appropriately. This gives you the best chance to get rid of the problem completely or to know how to control it.

Your pet comes inside from a trip outdoors and you suddenly see your dog or cat limping. Now what? Sometimes, it’s just a bruise or he twisted a leg and it can be treated at home.  Other times, it can be as serious as a broken bone or damaged...

Dog and cat constipation can be a minor discomfort or severe enough to be potentially life threatening. Your pet will be uncomfortable and won’t feel well. 

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The ear canal in pets has a vertical portion that goes straight down. It then curves toward the head and has a horizontal part. The eardrum is at the end of the horizontal part.

Infections by bacteria and yeast are the most common ear problems...

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