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Behavior Facts and Trivia

by Nicole Rogers

Why do cats purr?

It is believed that purring starts out as a form of communication between the mother cat and her newborn and deaf kittens.  After weaning, purring continues in hearing cats for the same reason.  Cats purr to communicate with us as well.  They will purr when in pain, nervous or when happy and content.

My cat will only drink water when I turn on the faucet. Anytime I go near the sink she starts meowing like crazy and demanding I turn it on. This needs to stop!

The bad news is, once a cat discovers the joy of running tap water, it is a hard habit to break.  Best to never even start!  Now that your cat has become addicted, the first step is to NEVER turn on the water for her again.  Keep a shaker can, air horn or water pistol near every sink to use when the cat jumps up there.  Lastly, you can provide your cat with her own running water fountain to drink out of.   

Why does my cat meow at me all the time?

Cats in the wild do not meow to communicate, except between mothers and their kittens.  Meowing is a behavior cats learn from humans.  They quickly learn that when they meow, we come a-running to give them attention.  Cats are very smart!  If the meowing is annoying, then try to ignore the cat when he meows and pay attention to him only when he is quiet.