Thanksgiving Tips

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie…the list goes on, and sadly, some of our Thanksgiving favorites are holiday hazards for pets. Use these Thanksgiving tips to keep them safe from holiday hazards this year! For many of us, this is the one holiday when we really overdo it. Our pets love this holiday as well, especially if they are the recipients of some of our goodies! The bad news is that some of them will end up with sick tummies or worse.

Pet Friendly Holidays

Giving small amounts of cooked turkey without fat (no gravy, please) is fine for most of our pets. If you must, some plain mashed potatoes are okay too. If your pet has a very sensitive stomach or food allergies, though, this might not be a good idea. Skip all the rest no matter how much those eyes are pleading at you. Your pet might tolerate them, but why take the chance?  We have some Thanksgiving tips to ensure pet friendly holidays at your house this year and every year! 

Holiday Hazards for Pets

Cats leap onto counters and dogs can grab things quickly. They will eat the strings that are around the turkey so throw those out immediately as these can be dangerous. They love the fat and skin that you don’t want, but too much of either will be an invitation to diarrhea or possibly pancreatitis.  Pets will chow down the bones causing some serious problems too. That could land you in the emergency room which is guaranteed to ruin your holiday.   

Make sure the garbage is covered tightly so they don’t go dumpster diving.  After all, they think that’s where you store all the “good stuff”!  All of these can be holidays hazards for pets!

Holiday Pet Safety

For pet friendly holidays, often the best solution is a room of their own. Some pets are stressed by the crowd; others get underfoot.  It’s hard to safeguard your pets with a house full of people.

Sometimes, things will happen despite your best efforts to keep your pet safe. To review the foods, plants, and other household items that are truly toxic to your pets, please visit our pet toxins database!

Have a safe and “fulfilling” holiday! 

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