The New Anthrax: Is it a Risk to Pets?

A potential new disease has been discovered in Africa, and is currently being blamed for the death of not only some chimps and a few gorillas, but also some goats and even elephants. The culprit that has been discovered is a cousin to none other...

Proposed New Jersey Legislature Could Bring Prison Time for Declawing Cats

New Jersey assemblyman Troy Singleton sponsored legislation this past week that would make declawing cats a criminal offense and subject the performing veterinarian to an animal cruelty charge. Even the individuals who seek out a veterinarian to...

Pet Valu Come Clean for Cancer Dog Wash Weekend

May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and to help the Animal Cancer Foundation, Pet Valu is sponsoring a Come Clean for Cancer fundraiser. Pet Valu is a specialty pet product retailer that has stores, many of which include self-serve dog-wash...