Cat Treats Recalled for Containing Propylene Glycol

by Dr. Shelby Neely, V.M.D.

Blue Buffalo Company has issued a recall of their Blue Kitty Yums Chicken Recipe cat treats for suspected contamination of low levels of propylene glycol. To date, only one illness has been reported. These treats, sold online or in specialty stores, should not be given to cats if they meet the following recall criteria:

  • Packaged in a 2 oz plastic standing pouch
  • Have the UPC number 859610007820
  • Have a “Best if Used By” date of April 24, 2016 or July 24, 2016

Propylene glycol can cause serious problems for cats, including lethargy, disorientation, loss of balance or coordination, muscle spasms or twitching, and increased drinking and urination. If you have offered these treats to your cat and notice any of these symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian right away.

No other products from Blue Buffalo are included in this recall than the specific line, flavor, and other identifying features mentioned above.

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