Halloween Safety for Pets

by Dr. Shelby


Halloween is right around the corner. For some, the whole family shares in the spooky festivities which makes for a great time. With pets in the house, be sure to take steps so the good times don't turn into a trip to the emergency vet clinic on Halloween night due to the pets enjoying a little trick or treat candy of their own!

Candy containing chocolate, macadamia nuts, dairy and a sweetener called xylitol, can be toxic to dogs and cats depending on the amount consumed and size of the pet so it is important to make sure the kids understand not to share their candy with them. Candy should also be placed securely in an area that the pets cannot get to. Pets can be very persistent when it comes to getting something they want...especially food. Drawers, countertops and tabletops are common places larger dogs and cats are able to access so be sure to avoid these places when storing candy.

If you notice vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy or decreased appetite, be sure to call or see your vet immediately and/or learn more about potential toxins in our toxins library.

And, lastly, if trick-or-treaters will be coming to your home, considering putting your pet in a quiet, safe room, to prevent them from darting outside from the panic or excitement when the door is open!