Ear Cleaning Tips

Rule Number One:  Don’t use cotton swabs or probe down into the ear canal.  This just packs wax down into it and makes it harder to remove.  The ear canal in pets is long and has a sharp bend to it.  This makes it very difficult to damage the eardrum, BUT you still don’t want to use a cotton swab!  

How to Clean Pet Dog or Cat Ears

Follow these helpful ear cleaning tips: 
  • Purchase an ear cleaner specifically designed for dog or cat ears
  • For dogs, fill the ear canal with the cleaner
  • Cat care tips-  it is best to moisten a cotton ball rather than filling the ear canal
  • Massage the base of the ear – you should hear a squishy sound or you didn’t fill it enough
  • Wipe the surface of the canal – the parts you can see – with cotton balls, a tissue or washcloth

If your pet has long hair around the ear, trimming it short can help get air get into the ear.  If hair is growing inside the ear canal, it can be removed with a tweezers or hemostat.  This does not hurt as long as you only grab the hair inside the canal.

When bathing, place a cotton ball in each ear to prevent water from going into the ear canal.  Be sure to remove it when the bath is over.

Unless your pet tends to get ear infections or dirty ears, you don’t need to routinely clean dog or cat ears.  For those pets that do have problems, regular cleaning (which may mean daily) can help a lot to keep problems under control.

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