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Thyroid medication

Severity scale:

Pets and humans can both suffer from over or under active thyroid glands, and therefore be prescribed a thyroid medication. When given for a chronic thyroid condition, these medications are generally very safe. In fact, dogs often require a higher dose of medication to correct a thyroid problem than humans do. This means that, unlike most medications used in both human and veterinary medicine, there is a much wider margin of safety if pets get into a human prescription accidentally or if they accidentally receive an extra dose. However, if a large acute overdose is suspected, elevated heart rate, nervousness, panting, severe agitation or aggression, tremors, and seizures may be seen.

Toxic to: 
Dogs and Cats
Armour, Synthyroid, Soloxine, T4, T3
Nervousness, panting, vomiting, elevated heart rate, aggression, and muscle tremors.
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