The help I received was invaluable. Sharon, Barbara and Dr. Dawn all helped me through the last days of my dear Dylan's life. The decisions I had to make were overwhelming, as I'd never experienced anything like this before and did not know what to do about so many things. To have them available to guide me was a blessing.
—Margery E., Rhode Island
We’ve used whiskerDocs a few times for our puppy and always have a great, helpful, empathetic experience. You are always prompt to follow up and check on our puppy and offer valuable advice. We love whiskerDocs!
—Chris C., California
Samantha did not have any problems from eating the 1/2 bar of soap. But if she had, Dr. Aimee told me all the signs and symptoms to look for in case I needed to take her to the vet. I love this service.
—Tonya J., Georgia
The lady (Nicole) that I spoke to was exceptional. She explained everything to me in great detail and spent a great deal of time and patience.
—Claudette M., California
When I called and asked about Cookie being overweight, they told me to give her 30 minutes a day of exercise. It’s only been a month and she’s already a perfect weight.
—Cheri C., Illinois
After going over the problems I was seeing with my English Setter, the Dr. and I were in agreement to take my dog to the emergency vet. This was a 100% good move. He was treated with IV and other meds and has made a full recovery.
—Richard S., California
I was able to get some really helpful advice about what to bring with me to the appointment that will help me make the most of a very expensive neuro consult. The vet was super helpful and knowledgeable and gave me really good tips about what would help the doctor make his diagnosis.
—Amy A., Idaho
I am so thankful for this service! I was worried about my pet’s water intake after surgery, and being a weekend, I would have had to take him to an emergency vet. Talking with the Vet Technician, I felt at ease when I was able to get my pet to take some water.
—Kerry E., Illinois
I spoke to Dr. Tracy about Carrie and her ear infection. I felt as if I was sitting in the office with Dr. Tracy discussing the problem. She took the time to explain every detail that I needed to know to help resolve this problem.
—Karen R., New Jersey
After my dog who had a (sudden) malignant growth removed we consulted with both our trusted regular Vet and an Oncologist Vet. In the end, we became somewhat confused on how to proceed with her care. My conversation with Dr. Sandy and the material that she subsequently sent to me was exactly and fully what we needed.
—Sharon S., Arizona

Here are some testimonials from our happy pet owners!

My thanks and appreciation to Dr. Anna for her consultation last night.

Joy K.,  Georgia

I truly valued this service and loved that it was so personal. I didn't even know I had this service and I will take advantage of any issues that come up, great value...

Amy B.,  New York

It is so wonderful to be able to do the online chat with someone, not have to wait to find a way to get to the vet and also have the vet bill (and the claim!) but just have a quick conversation and resolve the issue. I am so glad this service is available!

Eugenia E.,  New York

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the phone call inquiring on how Dori was doing, and was able to talk through the next steps we were going to take with our vet. It put me at ease and now I know we are taking the correct action in getting Dori back to normal!! I cannot thank you enough...

Michele L.,  Pennsylvania

My husband and I spoke to Dr. Tracey about our dog's health issues. She was helpful in suggesting possible tests to help in the diagnosis of her problems and seemed very informed on what could be causing her symptoms. We appreciate this service and are so glad you are offering it. Thank you.

Marlene W.,  Pennsylvania

It was very informative to receive information on what to do with Paris.

Ashley M.,  Pennsylvania

This is a wonderful service... You should be very proud of it, and advertise it a lot!!

Liz T.,  Virginia

I just signed up yesterday and I am already receiving EXCELLENT service. Thank you so much!

Michael R.,  Virginia

very helpful information and saved trip to vet. liked the convenience of being able to triage condition and get info on treatment

Jennifer J.,  Maryland

Dr Chelsea was very friendly and listened to my concerns.

Lisa T.,  Virginia