whiskerDocs® and Embrace Pet Insurance to provide 24/7 Pet Helpline to policyholders

whiskerDocs®, the leading provider of telehealth support for pet parents, is pleased to announce the inclusion of its services for Embrace Pet Insurance policy holders. Adding to the reasons why Embrace is one of the nation’s highest-rated pet insurance companies, all new and existing Embrace policy holders will have access to unlimited phone calls, chats, and emails with the whiskerDocs team of veterinary experts.

whiskerDocs has been providing services to pet parents with emergency, wellness, and behavioral questions via direct membership enrollments and business-to-business partnerships since 2012. Their ground-breaking decision support protocols and self-service tools provide pet owners with the same services they’ve come to expect for their human healthcare needs.

Embrace has worked hard since 2003 to strike the balance of creating the best possible experience for both pet parents and veterinarians, forging new paths with innovative products, such as Embrace360 for electronic claims submission. The company also offers unique features that keep customers happy and pets healthy, such as their optional Wellness Rewards routine care plan and diminishing deductible feature, the Healthy Pet Deductible.

The partnership grew from the mutual understanding that pet parents want to make a good decision on behalf of their pets, but don't often know how to choose the best course of action. whiskerDocs provides reliable, unbiased support that is tailored to their pet's situation and is cognizant of the resources available to the pet parent. According to Trevor Page, co-founder of whiskerDocs, "The majority of interactions we receive feel urgent to the pet parent, so whiskerDocs provides real time access, on average within 23 seconds, to help pet parents decide what they need to do and how fast they need to do it!"

As shown by data collected in over 30,000 interactions, whiskerDocs has identified that pet owners only correctly identify the most appropriate course of action in approximately 1/3 of cases. Even more importantly, urgent issues are often outside of normal veterinary practice hours. Without whiskerDocs, these customers are left with little choice beyond an expensive trip to the emergency room. whiskerDocs data shows that nearly 80% of pet issues presented can wait until normal business hours when the pet’s primary veterinarian is available to help.

Adding the whiskerDocs multi-channel, tech-enabled veterinary support is yet another way to build on Embrace’s extremely high customer satisfaction rating, reducing claims costs and unnecessary expenditures for policy holders. Embrace customers can now feel more confident that they’re spending wisely when issues arise and seeking care at the most appropriate times for their pet’s health and well-being.

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