Rescue Cat Rescues His Owner

When Glen Shallman adopted his cat Blake, he had no idea that in changing Blake's life, he was changing his own. Mr. Shallman suffers from 3 life threatening rare brain diseases that cause seizures. Some of the seizures have occurred in his sleep. Without his miracle cat Blake, he would likely have passed away in his sleep from a seizure.

Without prior training, Blake is said to have the ability to not only awaken Mr. Shallman during a seizure by biting his toes, but is also able to sense an oncoming seizure.

Suffering from Polymicrogylia, unilateral schizencephaly and hypothalamic hamartoma, Mr. Shallman has beat the odds and survived longer than expected. He provides love and care for Blake, who without a doubt is returning the favor ten times over. Learn more about this heartwarming story at CBS News.

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