New Treatment for Pet Anxiety

The first veterinary-approved prescription for pet related anxiety is being released by veterinary medicine maker Zoetis Inc. The first of its kind, Sileo is specific for treating pet anxiety due to loud noises such as fireworks or thunderstorms. The common problem is said to affect approximately 70 million dogs in the United States – which can cause destruction of property or cause the dog to injure themselves in a state of panic.

Current treatments on the market such as Xanax or tranquilizers can cause sedation for a long period of time, usually past the point of needing it. Additionally, these drugs can have unwanted side effects. Sileo works differently, by blocking norepinephrine, which contributes to anxiety.

Sileo comes in a prefilled syringe with no needle, and is put inside the dog’s gum and lip. Once pushed, the syringe ejects a tiny amount of gel which is then absorbed in the cheek. The medication takes effect in about 30-60 minutes, and only lasts 2-3 hours, the perfect amount of time to allow for anxiety relief during a thunderstorm or firework display.

Does it work? Well, of 182 pet Beagles that were used in the testing, 75% of the owners rated it good or excellent. The drug is said to cost approximately $30, and contains medicine for 4 doses for a 40lb dog, or 2 for an 80lb dog.

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