The Puppy Poop-Spin

Turns out there’s actually a scientific cause for why dogs always spin around in a circle before finally deciding exactly which spot is best for relieving themselves. Plainly stated, dogs have a preference for pooping on magnetic north and the smaller the dog, the greater the preference.

Dog Poop Spin

Because Science!

Studies conducted in Germany and the Czech Republic have shown that when it comes to taking a bathroom break, dogs prefer to align their entire bodies with the North-South axis of the Earth. These studies went on to show that smaller dogs and female dogs have an even more specific preference for “going” towards magnetic north over south.

Getting Ready

All dogs have an internal compass. The repetitive circling could be compared to calibrating this compass. On days when the Earth’s magnetic field is calm, dogs tend to show a stronger preference for the north than they do on days when the field is more erratic. When the pull of north is stronger, it is easier for them to get that compass calibrated

It’s unknown at this point if this is an innate, uncontrollable physical reaction, or if it is a conscious response because dogs are able to perceive or feel the actual magnetic pull of the Earth. Whatever the cause, they aren’t the only animals known to prefer an alignment with the North-South axis…cattle and deer have also been known to come together facing magnetic north for grazing.

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