Helping Bored Dogs

If you’ve never come home to find energetic puppies or bored dogs have chewed up or destroyed something, you’ve been doing everything right! 

The reality....

Dog Barking

For the rest of us, we let down our guard or didn’t consider the fact that boredom in dogs can cause dog behavior problems, like Barking, Whining, and Howling, for example.  How do we help with their boredom?  We have a few dog training tips here for you!   

  1. Give them things to do!  Food toys are designed to hold food and the dog has to work to get the food out. They can keep a dog occupied for hours (if you’re lucky!) and provide stimulation.  Chew toys are also good.
  2. Provide vigorous exercise when you are home.  Walks, runs, chasing balls, and swimming are all options.  Use up some of that energy so they will sleep when you are gone! 
  3. Provide plenty of varying forms of attention as much as possible. Attention from you in the form of petting or grooming will also provide some diversity in your dog’s life.  Your dog needs to do more than sleep and eat all day (with an occasional potty break) to stay healthy and mentally fit.
  4. Practice obedience and other forms of training. Providing your dog with mental exercise by way of obedience training, performing tricks, or even agility training will help strengthen your bond and prevent boredom in dogs. Similar to physical exercise, the mental workout can also use up physical energy!
  5. Go for a checkup. If your bored dogs have signs of anxiety or other symptoms, have him examined by your veterinarian.  Your pup may have separation anxiety if the only dog behavior problems are destroying things while you are gone.

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