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by Site Administrator

Where in my house is the best place for my cats to sleep?

Cats sleep or rest about 60% of their day. They will do this almost anywhere, depending on their personalities.

Does my cat need her own bed?

Cat beds are usually enclosed so that cats feel more secure and hidden. Your cat may like his own bed on the floor or prefer the height of a shelf, a cat condo or a chair. Other cats will sleep hidden underneath furniture.

Here are some available cat beds:

  • Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed
  • Midwest Homes for Pets
  • Curious Cat Cube
  • Armarkat cat bed
  • Pet Ottoman

Can my cat sleep in bed with me?

Of course! This is where most cats want to be. If you object to this, you will need to provide an alternative place from day one, or your cat may be difficult to keep off your head while you are trying to sleep!

Can I close my cat out of my bedroom?

You can, but please make sure that water and litter boxes are available to your cat no matter whether you choose to lock him in or out of your room.