Multivitamins & iron

Severity scale:
This toxin is considered to be a moderate risk. However, your pet's medical history, age, weight, and breed could put him/her at higher risk. It is advised that you contact whiskerDocs or your primary veterinarian for further guidance about any steps you may need to take to ensure your pet's safety. If you choose to, you may monitor your pet closely, but the onset or worsening of any of the below symptoms warrants a trip to the emergency room.

As people continue to hop on the band wagon of healthy living, multivitamins and supplements are becoming household norms. Most of the time these are not toxic to pets, but it is still a good idea to keep them out of reach. General multivitamins pose the potential hazard of containing high levels of Vitamin D, Calcium, and other minerals that can cause problems for your pet if ingested. If small amounts are accidentally ingested, watch for vomiting and diarrhea and some lethargy, which tends to resolve on its own within a day or two. If the supplement contains high levels or is solely iron supplement, however, the supplement poses a much higher risk. Please seek care for your pet if a supplement that contains iron has been ingested, and bring the bottle along. The amount of elemental iron will need to be calculated by your vet to determine whether a poisonous amount has been ingested and therefore what treatment might be necessary.

Toxic to: 
Dogs and Cats
Vomiting, diarrhea with or without blood, lethargy, bleeding, low blood pressure, shock, tremors, heart failure, liver failure
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