Diatomaceous earth

Severity scale:
No/low toxicity

This potential toxin is considered to be a mild risk or the symptoms are not considered serious. The risk level, however, may vary depending on the amount or part ingested (see details below). While in most cases you should be able to carefully monitor your pet at home, if any of the symptoms listed below appear, if your pet's condition worsens not improves, or if there is any change in your pet's behavior or other habits, please contact whiskerDocs or your primary veterinarian for further guidance.

You have probably heard that this all natural product can be sprinkled on pets' fur to repel fleas. Did you know that it must be "food grade" to avoid harmful added chemicals and the potential for respiratory disease? If you are using low grade products, inhalation can cause irritation to mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

Toxic to: 
Dogs and Cats
Brand names: 
Organic pesticide, natural flea repellant
Signs only if inhaled, then signs of respiratory disease may be present.
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