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Bamboo (Heavenly or Sacred variety)

Severity scale:

Heavenly Bamboo, also called Sacred Bamboo (Nandina domestica) from the family Berberidaceae, is highly toxic to dogs and cats. This plant is an outdoor shrub that is native to eastern Asia, the Himalayas, and Japan that has shiny green leaves, white flowers and red berries.  Growing to a mounded shrub that is up to seven feet tall and five feet wide, the name somes fromt the fact that the stems and leaves look similar to true bamboo, but there is no relationship to the ornamental bamboo plant that we often keep in our homes

Other names: 
Nandina domestica, Berberidaceae, heavenly bamboo, sacred bamboo
Toxic to: 
Dogs and Cats
weakness, cyanosis, pale mucous membranes, lack of coordination, seizures, coma, respiratory failure, death
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