Purina Beneful Dog Food Reformulated

The Nestle Purina PetCare Co., based out of St. Louis, Missouri, has chosen to change the formula of their popular Beneful dog food brand. The company recently received negative publicity regarding the class-action lawsuits concerning a moisture-preserving additive, propylene glycol, found in Beneful that is thought to have sickened or killed dogs. Although propylene glycol is FDA approved, speculations circulated about the harmful effects of this glycol additive. Despite the company rejecting this claim, Purina has opted to replace propylene glycol with vegetable-based glycerine.

Along with the replacement of propylene glycol, Beneful's number one ingredient, ground yellow corn, has been replaced with beef or chicken meat. This change is thought to increase the quality of the product, as ingredients in dry food are listed by weight – the heaviest ingredient being listed first on ingredient list. The second ingredient now found on the list is whole grain corn.

What may be best perceived by consumers is that the company does not plan to increase the price of Beneful. This change appears to be a win-win all around. Learn more about Purina's improvements to the Beneful brand here.

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