Microchip and Social Sharing Reunite Dog and Pet Parent

Pet microchipping can provide pet parents with the peace of mind that if their beloved furry family member is ever lost, there is hope he can be brought back home. Recently this is exactly what happened to a woman and her dog in Jacksonville, Florida.

Pet parent Cynthia Abercrombie came back from a trip away to find her dog Apollo had gone missing. He likely escaped the yard after being let out by the person looking after Apollo while Ms. Abercrombie was away. So imagine her shock and surprise when a month later she was contacted by an animal shelter saying Apollo was found in Swansea, Massachusetts which is over 1,100 miles away. It is suspected that Apollo, a gorgeous Great Pyrenees/ St. Bernard mix breed, was stolen from the yard and is the reason he ended up so far from home.

No doubt it was the help of postings on web sites dedicated to finding missing dogs, her family and friends walking the area and reactivating his microchip that Apollo was found. And with the help of East Coast Paws Transport, Apollo and Ms. Abercrombie were reunited at last! You can read the full, original, heartwarming story here. To learn more about pet microchips, please see this article.

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