Iowa's Mysterious Dog Respiratory Illness

In Waterloo, Iowa, a mysterious unknown respiratory illness is infecting dogs. While it doesn’t seem life-threatening, there is concern over a potential outbreak of this unknown illness. Unfortunately, because the illness hasn’t been seen before, it’s unclear how contagious it is or how it is transmitted, but there are a few things you need to know if you live in the area.

Dogs who have been well-vaccinated and kept up-to-date on their DHLPP or similar “distemper” vaccines have minimal symptoms, usually consisting of a mild cough. However, there is the potential that unvaccinated dogs or those with weakened immune systems from young or old age or chronic illnesses will be more strongly impacted by the illness.

Veterinarians are saying that about 25 dogs have been treated to date and are recommending that for the next several days, dog parks or other places where your dog could come into contact with other dogs should be avoided. Also, pet parents are advised to wash their hands and change their clothing if they’ve come into contact with dogs other than their own prior to handling their own pup.

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